Heralds and Minstrels

Who we are

Heralds and Minstrels of Austin, Texas specialize in early music (Middle Ages through the early 19th century).  This music is  multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, and features dances, popular songs, military music, chamber and church music, including some of the best wedding processionals, romantic songs, and toe-tapping dances ever written.

The musicians of Heralds and Minstrels have been playing together for over 15 years.  Individually they have played with the Austin, Mid-Tex and San Antonio Symphonies, Texas Baroque Ensemble, Texas Bach Collegium, and Austin Symphonic Band.  We are also pleased to have two composers on board.

We use two sets of instruments which are suited for different venues and different musical styles.  Sometimes we combine the two if the engagement requires it.  Singers can be provided for either ensemble.

The Heralds

This group of trumpets, horn, trombone and baroque timpani perform ceremonial music which is especially suitable for outdoors and large venues.  We have also performed with one or more trumpets, timpani, and organ.

The Minstrels


This group is composed of woodwinds (oboe, English horn, bassoon, recorders), guitar or lute, small percussion instruments such as tambourine, tabor drum, dumbek, and castanets played in the traditional Spanish style, and a recently added hurdy gurdy.  This ensemble is well suited to indoor occasions or smaller venues.

Newest CD now available!
"In Taberna" from Echoes of Spain

"Mairi's Wedding," live performance by Harlingen High School Choir, accompanied by Heralds and Minstrels.  January 30, 2010

"Bransle de Cheveaux," live performance
 at the Austin Girls Choir madrigal dinner.  February 27, 2010.

What we do

Heralds and Minstrels is available for
  • weddings
  • madrigal dinners
  • school concerts
  • fundraisers
  • house concerts
  • religious  services
  • banquets

Contact us at redhousearts@gmail.com or call
512. 923.2277 for booking information.


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